meet the artist

this is stephanie
"come with me and you'll be
in a world of pure imagination
take a look and you'll see
into your imagination"
- gene wilder
Stephanie has been an artist ever since she could hold a crayon. Creativity flows through her veins. She enjoys painting, drawing, pottery, photography, sewing, crocheting, crafting, & so much more! 

One of her most popular demands are her yarn creations. She started crocheting over 20 years ago after inheriting her great-grandmother's crochet hooks, in addition to a sewing machine & sewing supplies. As a huge fan of visiting the library, she found books on how to crochet & taught herself. She spent many years crocheting on & off.

About 7 years ago, she revived her talent & has improved drastically over that time. She has challenged herself with intermediate & expert patterns, even combining patterns to custom create unique items specifically for her customers.

She also spends her time photographing - focusing on nature & wildlife, crafting, & painting. This flower child is a lover of all animals & an advocate for mental health & wellness.

Stephanie lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband & two kids. 


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